picture frames
  Douglas Carr, D. C. Framers, Scotland
  "I love Corri-Cor and wouldn't use any other board. Corri-Cor has made my life so much easier, no dust, easy to cut, bow is ideal for keeping work flat, all this and it is PH neutral as well. I would recommend it to anyone."
  Gary Hanson, GCF MD White Rose Galleries, Halifax
  Corri-Cor is the best backing board I have ever used, it is as light as foam board and has the toughness of hardboard. The generic products I have tried are poor imitations. Only the best will do for my customers."
  Geoff Older, Wykeham Galleries Ltd, Basingstoke
  "I have shopped around and tried every backing board on the market constantly being told they are as good as Corri-Cor. This is blatantly not true, Corri-Cor is by far the best, always consistent and has many added benefits."
  John Bloxham, Bloxham Galleries, London
  "I have done away with the archaic use of MDF and only use , in fact I wouldn't use anything else. Using has greatly increased our efficiency and I love the intentional bow in the board, which is great for keeping artwork flat."
  Neil Farr, Solomon and Whitehead, Fine Art Publishers
  "We use for our work. We have tried other products but much prefer , mainly for the clean cutting qualities and especially the bow in the board, which helps to keep artwork flat."
  Roger Cadwallader, S Double A Mouldings, Penryn
  "Quite simply, the best backing board on the market, it's the brand leader. Over 95% of our work now is in , it's great for large pictures as it is lightweight and the bow keeps the work towards the glass. I would not use hardboard again."
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